Blah to Beautiful

You know the kind of day when you wake up ten minutes too late. Everything’s off schedule. You scramble out of bed, put on your outfit for the day, slap on some makeup and then you look in the mirror. Oh no! Your hair! No time for a shower, definitely no time for a blowout. You look at yourself trying to think how you are going to pull off the chia pet look without looking just messed up.

Minutes are ticking and you are going to be late. You search frantically. And then your eye falls on it: the answer to the problem. Your adoribelle double braided headband. You put it on, run a brush through your hair and voila-instaglam. 3 seconds to a super cool, super dressed look. You pick up your coffee, toss your hair back and run out the door ready to sail through your day as super-girl, beautiful, poised. polished and perfectly finished off.


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